I Wish My Teacher Knew!

I Wish My Teacher Knew!

    I wish my teacher knew that I am a big gaming nerd. I love the idea and drive behind video games and different types of things people can create with a simple thought in mind. I love playing games and seeing the art and graphics of each type of game and how each type of system or gaming PC are different.

    I wish my teacher knew that I am a introvert and only talk in big groups is because I am made to. I like working on my own in group projects because I feel more comfortable when I work alone or with my really good friends. I try to work in big groups, but i feel more comfortable working alone. Or say some kids are going to go hang out, I rather stay home and play Xbox or read one of my books that i am starting to love. I want to be an extrovert, but I love being alone too much.

    I wish my teacher knew that I lost my 14 year old Chihuahua-Corgi mix. He was my best friend. But he passed away. He lived to his life expectancy. I was sad and still am sad. It is hard to not have your best friend at home just happy to see me. I wish I could change whether or not he died. I would give anything to have Thomas back in my life. I have had him since I was 6. I never thought that I could something that much, but Thomas left a hole in my heart that I don’t think I can ever fill. I need him in my life as much as he needed me.

    I wish my teacher knew that I struggle with depression and have for about 2 years. I have never really felt like I was in a group with people who care about me. Until this year. I feel like people have got to know a new me and actually like hanging out together. I feel appreciated by my new found friends.  I just hope that this stays this way instead of taking a bad turn for the worst.

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