The curious incident of the dog in the night-time journal entries

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time journal entries

1st Entry

Christopher is an interesting character. He has some mental problem, we don’t know what exactly. He’s very smart. He has selective learning and only follows advice he wants to. He also doesn’t react with much emotion when his mother dies. 

2nd Entry

He starts to have more confidence. This leads to Christopher striving for independence. He starts to show that he has a desire to learn more and more well as. He is also showing his want for independent in rebelling against his father by disobeying his orders. 

3rd Entry

He is incapable to tell lies. He says things how they are and especially how he sees them. Now that may be the wrong point of view, but that’s how he sees it. He is also hard to have a relationship with. 

4th Entry

He finds out about Wellington dying. And what’s worse is when he is looking so hard for the killer and the killer was in his house the entire time. When he finds our that his dad is the killer, he feels he can’t trust anyone anymore. 

5th Entry

He is ambitious and wants to be a scientist. I feel he is more comfortable in his own skin. He is interested in the stars and science and the universe and by the end of the novel manages to take his A-level in maths.

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